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Bridechilla Annie

"Aleisha was the best thing to happen to me during our wedding planning process."

"In Aleisha, I found a fun wedding advice guru who has helped me to relax and enjoy this whole planning process. But more importantly, I found a friend who lends all Bridechillas the voice to plan the wedding that they truly want, despite all surrounding outside voices. Absolutely a must for all Bridechillas and Groomchillas!"

"Bridechilla is full of incredible information about the things beyond bridesmaids' dresses and those damn seat covers.."

"Aleisha is right there with insightful interviews and tips from industry experts that will help you make your wedding truly yours. Plus, she'll make it easier to deal with all of the pressures that come with planning. Personally, I listened to the podcast religiously as I was planning. I can easily say it was my No. 1 source. When I reached out to her with a specific question, she was quick to answer. Aleisha, I can't thank you enough!"

Bridechilla Doriean

Hello! I'm Aleisha

I've helped thousands of brides become Bridechillas, to ditch the stress and enjoy wedding planning!
I'm an Aussie based in London with my husband Rich.
We got hitched 5 years ago and I've loved talking (and writing) about weddings ever since.As a comedian and professional big mouth, I adore making The Bridechilla Podcast. I get to talk to you about weddings every week and help people all over the world. I bring the best of the best guests to your ears...from the wedding industry and beyond.
The passion and contributions of the Bridechilla community is what has made the Bridechilla Podcast, the #1 Wedding Planning Podcast!
I couldn't have done it without you all! Leish x

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