Whoever says wedding planning is easy,
has never planned a Wedding

Hey, I'm Aleisha.
I want you to ditch the wedstress and get stuff done!
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Successful wedding planning is knowing what to do when.  
Bridechilla puts it all into place.

The Bridechilla Community Facebook Page is unlike any other wedding planning group. Filled with like-minded Bridechillas, we're all about ditching the pressure and bullshit and helping each other out. 

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 Bridechilla Graduate 

"The Bridechilla Podcast was so entertaining and helpful.

Sometimes I just wanted validation that some of the wedding stuff was bullshit.

But honestly it gave me this whole outlook that I could do whatever the hell I wanted, it was mine and my husbands wedding and that's all it boiled down to. It made decision making so easy because I just stopped caring what everyone else thought!"

"I just really enjoyed listening to a wedding podcast that really puts the bride and groom first. I really learned to just forget about what you are “supposed” to do and just focus on what was right for us.

Also Aleisha is hilarious!"


Bridechilla Graduate


 Bridechilla Graduate 

It really brings everything back into perspective.
I would definitely recommend this podcast to literally anyone who is having a hard time with wedding stuff. It really helps, and the community is literally the most supportive group of ladies I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with."

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Bridechilla empowers you to put the stuff that isn't important straight in

the Fuck It Bucket!

I'm Aleisha, Founder of Bridechilla. 
I make your wedding planning easy
(and making you happy makes me happy)

Bridechilla is a movement. It's about being empowered, feeling happy with your choices and finding your voice when it comes to wedding planning and beyond. 
As the founder and host of Bridechilla, you'll get to know me as your wedding planning ninja friend, support person and a virtual bridesmaid. I swear and say things that would probably make some wedding traditionalists shudder. One of the show’s mantras is 'fuck chair covers’... seriously, you don't that shit!
Each episode of the Bridechilla Podcast is packed full of valuable wedding planning help and features interviews and advice from wedding experts, planners and Bridechillas from all over the world.
I cover everything you need.
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Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, panicked, pressured by obligation and wondering how the heck you are going to pull it off without losing your marbles is hardly what you might expect wedding planning to be but the truth is, it can be tricky and challenging.
Being ‘good’ at wedding planning is just about knowing what to do next.  Where do you begin? Right here!

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