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bridechilla-premium-1800x1800-4If you are struggling  with how to go about having ‘the talk’, eg speaking to your family and loved ones about your wedding and money, then hopefully advice given in today’s Q&A episode of the Bridechilla Podcast may help you out.  My guest today is Rachel Wilkerson Miller…she’s  a professional writer and editor living in Brooklyn, NY. She currently creates and edits content as a Senior Lifestyle Editor at BuzzFeed.  I am certain that you have read some of her posts, especially on the Buzzfeed Weddings Facebook page!  As well as producing some fantastic contents of Buzzfeed, she also maintains her personal blogone of my favourite go to websites that interesting articles, long reads and links. Rachel started blogging in 2005 and has been writing about weddings since 2013 with her work appearing on The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Shine,, Birchbox, The Nest, and A Practical Wedding.

I’m so happy to welcome Rachel as a guest today and you will get to hear more about an exciting announcement from Buzzfeed in the next couple of weeks.
The first question comes from Podcast listener/superstar Janiece, who wrote

Hello Aleisha,
My fiancé and I are expected to wed sometime late next year. I’m currently trying to organise vendors and establish a budget but I’ve reached a dilemma. Neither of our parents have offered to pay for anything. I know, it’s 2015 for heaven’s sake, so it isn’t uncommon for bride and groom to pay for their wedding themselves but I’ve always assumed parents help. In our case, their help would be greatly appreciated because we would be able to do more/accommodate more people. We are not sure how to go about speaking to our parents about their part in the budget or if we should bother with it at all. I guess I feel like I’m missing out on having a great wedding if our parents don’t help budget wise, I almost feel alone except for when my fiancé is sitting with me and agrees on a venue or wedding idea. HEEELLLPPP!
Someone who has put a halt on wedding planning and is a sip a wine away from running to the courthouse.

Make sure you click on the media box at the top of this blog post to listen to the episode…Rachel  has some wonderful levelheaded advice about how Janiece  might go about prepping her parents for that big money conversation and also  preparing herself and her partner to the idea that her parents may not be able to contribute to the wedding budget. Every  family is different, a lot of couples are going alone budget wise these days but also without having that sometimes uncomfortable conversation, it can be difficult to make a start in your wedding planning without knowing what sort of money you are able to spend.

I  would put money on  the fact that Janiece and her fiancé are not the only couple struggling with this very scenario,  so I hope the advice that Rachel and I gave will also extend to listeners that perhaps our trying to figure out how to broach the subject with their loved ones.

If you are sticking to a strict budget then I mentioned in the podcast one of my favourite bloggers (and Bridechilla Wedding Podcast guests) Jess from the Budget Savvy Bride has  a wonderful resource where you can search weddings by budget. This  is great because you can see what other couples have managed to create with similar budgets to you!

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