Bridechilla Back Catalogue

18 Wedding Planning Truths

Wedding overwhelm can really take the wind out of your sails. You are putting all of your energy (and money) into planning something that you hope is going to be awesome but the deeper you get, the more you wonder can we actually pull ...Read More

273- Choosing an Alternative Wedding Venue

Choosing where you are getting married, your wedding venue is a big step in the wedding planning process and one that pretty much guides all of your other decisions along the way. In this episode of the Bridechilla Podcast, with guest Yael from, ...Read More

272- Secrets of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Bridesmaids dress shopping can be challenging for some Bridechillas, particularly if you haven't got a firm vision of how you would like your bridal party to 'look'. When you think about it (without getting too existential) it's a pretty odd thing to do, choosing dresses ...Read More

271- Wedding Alcohol- Know Your Booze

This episode and post (don't miss the handy 'Booze breakdown' graphic below) is everything you need to get the lowdown on alcohol at your wedding… and beyond. My very clever guest is Jacqueline Strum founder of ThirstyNest, the world's first curated wine and spirits ...Read More

269- Shaping The Party With Wedding Entertainment

Like putting off thinking about and writing wedding vows (we'll do it closer to the wedding...), planning your wedding music and entertainment can often be left as an afterthought when it comes to levels of priority on the ever expanding wedding 'to do' list. Sure, ...Read More

267- Catalyst Wedding Magazine

I know a lot of Bridechilla listeners struggle with the idea of balancing their feminist beliefs and planning their wedding day with all of the wonderful details and traditions. I’m delighted to be joined by Liz Susong Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Catalyst magazine (who ...Read More

266- How to Find the Right Wedding Planner

LISTEN TO THE EPISODEHiring a wedding planner or coordinator can be a wonderful investment. Having someone there to assist and guide you through the big decisions who know she process, who is well connected and has been there and done that, over and over ...Read More

265- ‘I am Bride’ with Laura Willcox

‘Like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a homely cocoon, the moment a person gets engaged they blossom from a run-of-the-mill human into a bride-to-be. A bride is a true dictator, her wedding her totalitarian state. And that is exactly as it should be.’This week ...Read More

264- Mahalo- Lessons from a Destination Wedding

Last November we were lucky enough to fly to Maui, in Hawaii to celebrate Belinda and Luke’s wedding.Belinda is my cousin and bestie who has appeared on the Bridechilla Podcast in the lead up to their wedding- she’s laid back and funny and so ...Read More

263- Weddings: Who pays for what?

Talking about money is not always easy- in any facet of our lives. Most of us aren’t raised to speak openly about what we are spending our money on and how much we earn and it can be hard to ask friends and family ...Read More

261- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A- with Rich

Groomchilla OG Rich (Aleisha’s hubby) co-hosts the show this episode. Bridechilla Mallory booked her venue in winter (when it was covered in snow) and now upon her return sans snow, there is a big fat ditch where they aisle will be! What to do? ...Read More

260- Don’t Plan a Wedding- Plan a Lifetime

Weddings and parties are great but as today’s guest, Shawn Miller says ‘what good is an amazing wedding without an amazing marriage to back it up?’.I love talking about all of the details about weddings but hopefully by now you have also become aware ...Read More

259- Bridechilla Wedding Guest Etiquette

A much requested topic- manners, guest etiquette and what we can do to help our guests not make us cray! Inspired by your questions and a fabulous blog post by one of this episode's guest Kristen, there are a bunch of key take aways ...Read More

258- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

Being a Bridechilla isn’t always easy but with this podcast, wine and access to a field to scream in, you will be on your way!Today on the Bridechilla Podcast, it’s Q&A time, where I put on my virtual bridesmaid shoes and help you out ...Read More

256- Bridechilla Podcast- Q&A Monday

The one thing we can’t do, as much as it would be helpful (but perhaps a tad totalitarian and evil) is control other people and how they feel and act. A lot of questions that we receive on the Bridechilla Podcast are about how ...Read More

255- Weddiculous Bridechilla with Jamie Lee

Bridechilla, Comedian and Girl Code star Jamie Lee joins me on the Podcast to share some marvels from her new wedding planning book Weddiculous. She brings her first-hand experiences and hilarious hard-won insights that totally earns her a Bridechilla gold badge. Putting the madness ...Read More

254- Bridechilla Body Image- Your response

I am so happy and PROUD that the Bridechilla community came out on droves to to share your feedback, stories and personal responses to my recent body image episode (ep 248), so in saying that, today’s Bridechilla Podcast is all about you!I received an ...Read More

235- Badass Bridechilla OGs

Every second Wednesday I am lucky enough to share an hour with today’s guests Cristina and Kristen. They are my friends and fellow wedding business ladies. We meet on Skype to share ideas, inspirations and ways to serve our Bridechillas better. I am excited ...Read More

252- Bridechilla Brittany- ‘No haircuts for you!’

Bridechilla Brittany (who is also the founder of the fabulous Bridal accessories rental company Happily Ever Borrowed) is getting hitched and has graciously agreed to share her wedding planning journey over the next 12 months. In this episode we hear all about Brittany and ...Read More

249- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A- with Veronika!

SO much to say about today’s Bridechilla Podcast Q&A Thursday episode. My Mother-in-Law Veronika is back to help me answer your questions! Bridechilla Graduate Annie shares some of her favourite wedding moments and what she has learned during her time as a Bridechilla.Molly would ...Read More

248- Positive Bridechilla Body Image

I want this episode to inspire and empower us to push past the 'how much weight are you going to lose?' questions and 'sweating for the wedding' propaganda and tap into how we feel about our bodies. Wedding planning for some Bridechilllas is a ...Read More

247- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

Bridechilla Thursday Q&A is where it is at! A fabulously eclectic collection of questions from Bridechillas in need! Today I am delighted that we will be following Bridechilla Brittany, from and her wedding planning. She’s super sassy, savvy and ready to overshare! Just ...Read More

246- Keeping the Peace- Bridechilla Style

Mixing new family relationships, party planning and a bunch of cash isn’t always the easiest formula to success. You’ve got a lot of opinions and occasionally some pretty cray power plays at work…add that to different ways of communicating, (yelling, sarcasm, bossiness) and planning ...Read More

245- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

It’s the new year which means that the Bridechilla Podcast is back with wedding planning Q&A Thursday, to solve the unsolvable and hopefully guide Bridechillas in the direction of a stress free wedding! Today, Bridechilla Kate updates us on her pre-election engagement party…were there ...Read More

241- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

I LOVE Bridechilla Q&A Thursday, it's when the straight wedding talk hits it's peak and today you bring it with the questions and I bring it with the answers. ? Bridechilla Amy from Calgary and her fiancé have been together for 5 years. Amy ...Read More