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18 Wedding Planning Truths

Wedding overwhelm can really take the wind out of your sails. You are putting all of your energy (and money) into planning something that you hope is going to be awesome but the deeper you get, the more you wonder can we actually pull ...Read More

273- Choosing an Alternative Wedding Venue

Choosing where you are getting married, your wedding venue is a big step in the wedding planning process and one that pretty much guides all of your other decisions along the way. In this episode of the Bridechilla Podcast, with guest Yael from, ...Read More

5 Ways To Reduce Wedding Stress

Stress, anxiety, feelings of panic and overwhelm are the last thing you are probably expecting to be hit with after the joy and excitement of getting engaged, but for many of us (often self-imposed), the pressure to get things right and to get things ...Read More

Top 4 Bridechilla Wedding Etiquette Tips

Wedding Etiquette can be a veritable minefield. The Bridechilla Podcast is going to help you demystify the BS, so you can get back to, wedding planning and being a relaxed and happy Bridechilla1. RSVPs & Invitation EtiquetteWaiting for the return of RSVPs, you can ...Read More

Pop Up Weddings: The Ultimate Wedding Hack

Looking for a wedding hack? It’s 2017, y’all. It’s public knowledge that love is no longer a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. That means weddings aren’t either. And if you’re a Bridechilla or Groomchilla who has been feeling that, I’ve got a potential solution for ...Read More

Wedding Decor on a budget

Your wedding decor doesn't have to cost you a fortune, nor do you need to spend hours up on hours with a glue gun, connecting with your inner Martha Stewart. With a few neat tricks and wiley interweb searching for gorgeous wedding inspiration, you can ...Read More

272- Secrets of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Bridesmaids dress shopping can be challenging for some Bridechillas, particularly if you haven't got a firm vision of how you would like your bridal party to 'look'. When you think about it (without getting too existential) it's a pretty odd thing to do, choosing dresses ...Read More

Making Sure Your Wedding Contracts Are Legit

Sign contracts on the dotted line and watch your bank account drop one payment closer to “oh my gosh weddings are so expensive.” But before you sign, before you agree to pay someone for their services, make sure that the contract is legit. This ...Read More

How Do I Know if My Wedding Vendor is Fairly Priced?

Fairly Priced?Planning a wedding quickly gets overwhelming. Almost immediately your mind races with thoughts about dates and ceremony locations, dessert options and what you’ll wear. Once you put pen to paper, type out your thoughts or crack open your Kate Spade wedding planner, it ...Read More

5 Post Wedding To-Dos

As I am sure we are all aware, a wedding can be an exhausting but hopefully a very exciting (and stress free!) event to organize. From the planners to the guests, each person involved along the way has contributed to helping you pull off one ...Read More

How To Delegate Wedding Tasks Like A BOSS

To delegate or not to delegate, that is the question!By now, you’ve probably become aware that planning your wedding involves more than booking a venue, writing some invitations and choosing a dress. No matter what size your event, the planning process can quickly become ...Read More

What To Do When You Disagree

You and your fiance are so excited to start planning your wedding, you have a vision of white roses and lots of candles, but he’s more into the rustic barn reception. Uh, wait a second, those visions are a tad bit different, not conflicting ...Read More

Jenny Packham 2018 Bridal Collection at The Ritz

I was absolutely delighted to be invited to view Jenny Packham's 2018 Bridal collection at the iconic London Hotel The Ritz, as presented by friends of the Bridechilla Podcast, BrideBook. It was my first visit to the Ritz for a gal from Hobart Tasmania, I ...Read More

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Weekend

In the wedding industry, we have seen the rise of the ‘wedding weekend’- an extended wedding celebration over more than one day. I am completely in love with this trend and here’s why…My biggest wedding regret is that it all went way too quickly. ...Read More

Lavender Boho Bridal Style Inspiration

Styled shoots can provide your wedding day with a much-needed injection of inspiration and direction. Set amongst the whimsical backdrop of a country lavender field – this romantic boho meets luxe wedding shoot will no doubt be making it to your mood boards in ...Read More

In Defence of the Bridezilla

The pressure for perfection and peak Instagramable happiness has taken the Bridezilla from a reality show character to how you might describe your wedding obsessed Facebook friend. The rise of the Bridezilla and wed-stress is real and can make any sane woman (or man) ...Read More

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

By Kristen Rocco:Leading up to my big day, I had always envisioned writing my own personal wedding vows. I really wanted that moment when I exchanged vows at the altar with my husband to be my own words, my own feelings, my own thoughts.After ...Read More

10 White Lies Bridesmaids Tell You…Because they are nice.

On the Bridechilla Podcast, I've talked a BUNCH about Bridesmaids, their role, how to communicate with them and make sure that your friendship flourishes not flounders during your wedding planning. (I've even confessed my previous experience as a moderately awful bridesmaid). Your bridesmaids are your ...Read More

How to travel Hack your Honeymoon

A 'luxury' honeymoon at a far away location does not have to come with the luxury price.  Newlyweds continue to expand their horizons, looking for less traveled, attractive honeymoon destinations to explore and chill post wedding. The choice of destinations continues to grow with exotic ...Read More

Ten memorable first dance songs

We recently asked the Bridechilla Community what song they have for their first dance as a married couple and boy it was a fabulous and eclectic mix of answers!For a lot of couples, music brings them together. We all have a song or album ...Read More


A Bridechilla is compassionate and calm.Understands that perfection isn’t actually a thingChallenges traditions that are meaningless to herKnows that her wedding day will be memorable but also that there will be many more ‘best days of her life’ too.Cares about opinions of loved ones ...Read More

254- Bridechilla Body Image- Your response

I am so happy and PROUD that the Bridechilla community came out on droves to to share your feedback, stories and personal responses to my recent body image episode (ep 248), so in saying that, today’s Bridechilla Podcast is all about you!I received an ...Read More

Bridal Code of Conduct…do you need one?

By Bridechilla AllisonThere’s been a lot of discussion on the podcast recently about bridesmaids, and I know that many bridechillas are having difficulty choosing their bridal parties or have horror stories about their bridesmaids being really terrible. Any time relationships and communication come into ...Read More

How to get away with being a rogue Bridechilla

Greetings, Bridechillas! My name is Carolyn and I am a bride-to-be from Canada. My fiancé Mike and I are getting hitched in about 9 months and we are PUMPED! We live in Toronto, Ontario but our wedding is going to be in Hubbards, Nova ...Read More